This release adds support for using command prefixes with slave commands. The requirement came about from the Tarcel project which needed to call an object’s method using the my command. This change also makes the functionality of slave commands more similar to master commands.

Using a Command Prefix with a Slave Command

The use of a command prefix with a slave command is demonstrated in the following code snippet:

namespace eval TestHelpers {}

proc TestHelpers::setaplusx {x int value} {
  $int invokehidden set a [expr {$value + $x}]

test parseConfig-20 {Ensure that slave commands work as a command prefix with multiple parts} -setup {
  set script {
    setaplus3 7
    title "a is set to: $a"

  set slaveCmds {
    setaplus3 {TestHelpers::setaplusx 3}

} -body {
  parseConfig -slaveCmds $slaveCmds $script
} -result {title {a is set to: 10}}