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Tarcel A Tcl Packaging Tool

Tarcel allows you to combine a number of files together to create a single tarcel file that can be run by tclsh, wish, or can be sourced into another Tcl script. This makes it easy to distribute your applications as a single file. In addition it allows you to easily create Tcl modules made up of several files including shared libraries, and then take advantage of the extra benefits that Tcl modules provide such as faster loading time. More information can be found on the Tarcel project page.

configurator A Configuration Parsing Module for Tcl

This module provides a simple way to parse a configuration script and create a dictionary from it. The configuration script is a valid Tcl script where the commands are used to set keys within the returned configuration dictionary. More information can be found on the configurator project page.

xdgbasedir XDG Base Directory Specification Module for Tcl

The XDG Base Directory Specification has the potential to clean-up and consolidate the mass of configuration files and resources that each application spreads across a Unix file system. This module eases access to that specification from Tcl and is available on GitHub.

AppDirs A Tcl Module to Simplify Cross-platform Application File Locations

An application that is installed on a variety of platforms will use different locations on each platform to access files. This module aims to provide access to these locations through a common interface. For each operating system the module aims to use an appropriate standard for the locations, for example on Linux the XDG Base Directory Specification is used and on Microsoft Windows or Darwin/Mac OS X the most common locations for each version of the operating system is used. More information can be found on the AppDirs project page.

Mida A Microdata extractor libary for Ruby

We had been following the upcoming HTML 5 standard and needed a library to extract Microdata from web pages, but couldn't find anything suitable for Ruby.  We therefore wrote this library and released it as Open Source. More information can be found on the Mida project page.

Prism A Microformat extractor libary for Ruby

We maintain a fork of Prism, the leading microformat extraction library. Web data extraction is a key part of our business and extending Prism is critical.  Our fork is hosted on GitHub.